WA Projects

WA Projects

The Company’s projects are located in the Pilbara region, approximately 1200km north east of Perth.

The Quartz Bore Project is located near Roeburne with historical drilling intersecting high grade zinc-copper mineralisation.

The Mt Sydney Project is located along strike from Rumble Resources' Braeside Project east of Marble Bar and contains the same prospective lithologies and structures. It is also underlain by the Hardey Formation, one of the key horizons targeted for conglomerate-hosted gold mineralisation.

The Mt Vernon Project is in the southern portion of the Pilbara Region and historical surface exploration has identified a number of targets for zinc and copper mineralisation.

The Pilbara region is a complex arrangement of Early Archaean metavolcanic and metasedimentary sequences that surround large domal granitoid masses. The Supracrustal sequences accumulated over a period of about 800MY, with the granitoids emplaced over a similarly but slightly younger time span. The Pilbara granitoid-greenstone terrane has been divided into several tectonostratigraphic domains, bounded by NE-SW trending structural lineaments.